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Photo a day November

Conheci a partir da Cor de Chá esta iniciativa no blog "Dama das Camélias", uma foto por dia, em cada dia de Novembro seguindo as palavras e o que cada uma delas significa para nós.
Aqui vai a tabela:

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:
1. Fruit: Find a fruit and snap it. As mentioned above it could be a piece of fruit, a fruit stall, a fruit print or … whatever!
2. I did this today: So, what did you do today? Share one photo from what you did.
3.P is for…: P is for photo. What else in your day started with P?
4. Table: It could be as simple as your kitchen table, or your bedside table, or perhaps it’s a good excuse to eat lunch out somewherE?
5. I collect…: What do you collect? I collect buttons. Crazy but true. What about you?
6. Music: Music is around us, but how do you portray that in a photo? Show us!
7. Yes!: This is where you get creative. What screams yes to you? Is it a child eagerly approving something? Something that you adore? Or something else?
8. Someone I miss: Is there someone in your life that you dearly miss? Perhaps they’ve passed on, or moved away?
9. Mine: What is yours and only yours?
10. Book: What are you reading? Or what have you read?
11. A memory: You could share a photo of a photo, or perhaps you created a memory today?
12. Clouds: Let’s hope the sky plays nice with us today. If not, we’re going to have to get REALLY creative!
13. Part of me: Share a photo of part of you. That could mean a body part {fingers, ears…} or something that is an integral part of who you are.
14. Eating: This could be you, a friend or family member, an animal… anything.
15. In my pocket/purse: Empty out your purse and pockets people. Show us what you’ve got.
16. Play: How do you like to have fun? Or snap a picture of people at play.
17. 5 o’clock: If you get up early, share what you’re doing at 5am. Or perhaps 5pm works better for you?
18. Mirror: It kinda explains itself, doesn’t it?
19. Where you ate breakfast: Where did you eat breakfast today? We want to see it!
20. Communication: We communicate through so many means, phone, email, by sign language, signs; can you show us one way?
21. I wish I had this: Start dreaming baby! What do you wish you had?
22. Behind: It’s always good to look ahead of you, but what’s behind you. Snap it?
23. Simplicity: This is photography technique prompt. Stay tuned for a post on how to achieve simplicity in your photos.
24. A word: It could be in a sign, in a book… or one your wrote.
25. Quirky: Quirky means peculiar or unexpected. Can you show us quirky in a photo?
26. Message: It could be a text message, a note you’ve kept from a long time ago… or a little reminder you’ve set for yourself.
27. No!: What screams no to you. For me it would have to be something like sardines. No way!
28. I am grateful for…: This Thanksgiving what are you grateful for?
29. Black: Share something black.
30. All done: Show us all done! It could be a meal just created, or eaten. A craft project finished. A clean home. It’s something completed. Perhaps even a collage of all of this month’s photos?

E que comece o desafio...

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Cor de Chá disse...

Amiga, o desafio é da autoria da autora do blog "Big fat mum" ;)

Cidchen disse...

Epá, pena o mês de Novembro já ter começado. Hummm!